PAE Support on VirtualBox

This morning, i decided to upgrade one of my virtual machine running Slackware 13.37 into -Current. I started by editing /etc/slackpkg/mirrors and switch to Slackware-Current tree and i start updating by issuing

slackpkg update
slackpkg upgrade-all

I skipped slackpkg install-new since there are no new packages yet at this moment. I also installed the new kernel, on this virtual machine.

Once i make sure everything is properly set up, i restarted the machine (it has been running for about 34 days non stop), and waited until it boots. Since it's a headless system, i have no interaction until the OpenSSH daemon is started and then i can login to that system. On my case, after waiting for 20 seconds or so, i tried to connect to the system, but i have no login prompt. I waited another 10 seconds and still no responds.

At this time, i realize there is a problem with the new kernel, so i fired up KRDC and loggin using VRDE extension on the VirtualBox and i saw that it requires PAE support on VirtualBox. I haven't enabled this when i set up this virtual machine, so i had to enable it in order to make it bootable again since the new kernel configuration in Slackware-Current enables HIGHMEM64G support which also enables PAE automatically.

So i shut down the virtual machine and i issued:
VBoxManage modifyvm SlackVM2 --pae on
This enables PAE support and afterwards, it boots normally again Yahoo

I hope you will take notice when you decided to move on to -Current using VirtualBox Goodluck

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