VMWare Restored and Patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.39

After being frustated for few months due to my VMWare not functioning, i finally able to revive it again. It seems the culprit was the removal of HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). VMWare still depends on HAL, so by removing HAL, it would break the application.

In order to get it working again, i trace the syscall of VWware, but found nothing. At last, i found it in VMWare's log called ui.log in /tmp/vmware-<username> directory. It clearly said that i should start hald as root. I checked my /etc/rc.d/rc.hald script and it didn't have any execute permission, meaning that it wasn't started at boot. So, what i did was add an execute permission and start it manually. After that, i re-run VMWare and voila... it works Yahoo

Also, if you need to patch your VMWare in Linux Kernel 2.6.39, get the patch from here.

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