Security Update: Firefox, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey

Three security updates were released today. They are packs of Mozilla's products: Seamonkey, Firefox, and Thunderbird. These packages are intended for Slackware 12.2 and onwards up to 13.37 and also -Current (except for Seamonkey which doesn't come up in -Current as it already uses the latest beta version and it wasn't affected by the vulnerabilities).

These two packages in -Current are the first batch of updates in -Current, but we won't see it changes daily just as before. Development of -current will be visible to public in about 2-3 months from now. During this time, it's most likely that Pat and the Team are resting and probably preparing for the upcoming release of next Slackware release (will it be 14.0 ??).

For now, just enjoy Slackware 13.37 Funky Dance

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