Thursday, May 26, 2011

Security Update and -Current Development

Two security updates were released and this updates were similar to the previous security updates regarding apr-* and httpd packages. If you are using -Current, then there's more interesting news besides normal security updates.

Pat has started to upgrade several basic packages in -Current tree. This means that -Current development is now starting again (it's a warm up level as far as i can see, as there are no major changes besides the Kernel for now).

Gentleman, start your engine for -Current again Russian Emot

Some notable highlights:
  • Kernel upgraded to with some changes in the configuration
  • GCC upgraded to 4.5.3, still no luck with GCC 4.6
  • Glibc is rebuilt, no further release yet
  • Some development tools are upgraded (Perl 5.14, GIT
  • Mesa is upgraded to latest stable 7.10.2 along with libdrm 2.4.25
The other were minor upgrade and may not be that interesting for most people.