KDE 4.6.3 for Slackware 13.37

While Slackware-Current development has not publicly visible, Eric keeps maintaining KDE 4.6.x series in his KTown repository and now releasing KDE 4.6.3 series for Slackware 13.37 and -Current (basically they are still in the same level for now). It's another monthly maintenance version of KDE, so it's safe to upgrade since there are no new features on this update, only bug fixes and translations updates.

UKDW Repository has finished mirroring the packages and it's ready to be downloaded through this url: http://repo.ukdw.ac.id/alien-kde/. Please note that there is a new package on this release besides the regular one in deps, which is bluedevil. This notes are taken from Eric's blog post:
Bluedevil is the new bluetooth connection manager for KDE. It integrates well with KDE (you will find a “send to bluetooth device” in Dolphin’s context menu for instance). The old “kbluetooth” application is no longer developed and the GTK application in Slackware “blueman” is not as featureful.
Enjoy KDE 4.6.3 and again, thanks to Eric Hameleers for his work of providing this packages

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