Slackware 13.37 Released

Hey... it seems that Pat is probably silently watching my previous post and decided to release Slackware 13.37 as my birthday gift. It's officially out now and you can read the announcement and the release notes Dance Vuvuzela

I'm waiting for the new T-Shirt mentioned by Pat at Slackware's home page. It's gonna be a must-have goodies to buy and time to start donating for Slackware Project once again.
we still have T-shirts (coming soon, a limited edition 13.37 release commemorative black T-shirt with the classic Slackware logo on the front, and a "leet" LILO bootscreen on the back)

ISOs are ready at AlienBOB's repository if you can't wait for other repository to release the ISO.

Happy downloading and don't forget to keep supporting Slackware Project by donate, buy items or subscribe Slackware DVDs at Slackware Store. Every money you sent to it will help Slackware Project keeps running and produce even better release in the future thumbs up

Tonight i will start mirroring Slackware 13.37 ISOs, but meanwhile, repository for 13.37 is ready to serve you in UKDW Server

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