Slackware 13.37 Logo by VBatts

Vincent Batts has posted an interesting article called More 1337 for your Slackware-13.37 release on his blog. What can you do in order to make your future Slackware 13.37 become more interesting? As you can see, everytime we boot our Slackware machine, there's always a penguin logo in top of the screen that matches the number of processors you have on that machine.

Linus changed that logo for one Linux Kernel release with something different to Tuz, the Tasmanian Devil to raise the awareness for these creatures. Vincent tried the same thing now, but not with another Tuz, but with Slackware 13.37 taste of Penguin logo like this one

Go check his blog and start compiling your kernel with those funny and cute Slackware-style Tux logo

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