Security Update: ProFTPD

There is one security update for Slackware, starting from Slackware 11.0 until -Current which is for ProFTPD. Even though previous poll has declared a big win for VSFTPD over ProFTPD, it seems that ProFTPD is still being maintained and included in Slackware (at least until 13.37 comes out).

There are a lot of rebuilt on this update which should fix some problems, such as in mkinitrd, aaa_elflibs, slackpkg, kdebase, and xxgdb. The other packages are being upgraded to the latest stable version.

This post also marks my 1000th post on this SlackBlogs. It's not about Slackware 13.37 announcement, but i'm still happy to have this milestone passed. Now, time to go for 2000 posts Gym

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