Linux Kernel Included

The latest update in -Current brings Linux Kernel under /testing. These kernel will not be the default kernel stock in Slackware 13.37, but it's still provided by Pat since many people requested this and reported that it will provide better performance for Intel card users if it's synchronized with the latest intel drivers which is also included in this update . These kernel will also fix the HP WMI problem as stated by Walecha on his blog.

Other interesting updates are upgraded acpid, coreutils, less, tar, mc, git, lftp, xaw3d, xf86-video-intel and rebuilt packages like dvd+rw-tools, gst-plugins-good, php, libX11, and gv. Everything should be set for nice release of Slackware 13.37. I think it will be a smooth release as usual.

If you have problems with the default kernel in Slackware 13.37, please try installing or even compile your own Linux Kernel using 2.6.39-rc2 config files which are also provided by Pat. Don't forget to run Vincent Batts' patch first to make custom Penguin logo on top of your screen on boot time.

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