Security Fix: Pidgin

One security fix is being released under -Current as of today, which is Pidgin. What's interesting in this update of Pidgin is that file transfer in Pidgin should work better than before, thanks to Cristi Posoiu who tracked the bug and making sure it's completely fixed. I am really happy with this update since file transfer in Pidgin was so unreliable in the past. Let's see if this update really changed that problem.

Other than Pidgin, several packages gets upgraded (audacious and audacious-plugins) and rebuilt (sysvinit-scripts and geeqie).

For those who wanted to test the latest stable Mesa package, there's an update to Mesa 7.10.1 under /testing directory. Please note that this is a newly release, so it hasn't been tested thoroughly like the previous version, although i'm thinking it's a safe release since it's a maintenance version, not a major upgrade.

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