Request Granted

Today's update are mostly due to request posted at LQ, one of the biggest Slackware users community where Pat and several Slackware teams also joined and discuss things to improve Slackware in overall by giving suggestions, bug fixes, patches, improvements, and bug reports.

There were two report that are now included in the latest update. They are Emacs upgraded to 23.3 reported by Lufbery in this thread and the other one is iptraf-ng which didn't have /var/lib/iptraf reported by disturbed1 in this thread.

The last update was lxc which i don't see any thread on LQ, but perhaps it's somewhere out there. This update is also a sign that Pat really accepts feedbacks from most of the users out there. So, what are you waiting for? Join LQ and share and discuss about Slackware with us there thumbs up

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