More Updates on 13.37 Development

More updates and fixes are being included in the -Current branch of the next Slackware release. It has been confirmed that the next Slackware release will have 13.37 instead of 13.2. I think this will be the first time since Slackware didn't use .0, .1, and .2 naming for it's release.

What's interesting in this update? There are a lot actually. First of all, aaa_base has been upgraded to bump with the new name for the next Slackware release. Bash has been patched with the latest patches, several packages get upgraded and rebuilt as usual.

There's two new packages on this update. liboggz is the first one and the second one is iptraf-ng (this is actually a replacement for iptraf package). Please make sure you installed the new package first and then remove the unneeded packages.

libXt has been upgraded to 1.1.1 which should fix xdm and other Xorg packages that gets segfaulted after the last update. The issue are discussed on LQ (here and here).

There's also one security update which is subversion that gets upgraded to 1.6.16.

It's getting more stable as we speak and Pat and his team needs your feedback to make sure no bugs are lurking in Slackware-Current which is in final phase before being released as 13.37. Please help by testing -Current and report them to Pat or make new thread on LQ

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