More Bug Fixes

More bug fixes that comes from community contributions are coming in the latest Slackware-Current updates. As you can see from the Changelog, Pat acknowledges many author that wrote the patch or suggest the improvements over Slackware packages.

One of the most interesting update for this batch is probably the X11: Maximum Client Reached problem has now been resolved. It seems the culprit is the old guidance-power-manager that is now being removed from Slackware-Current.

There's one package that is misuploaded i think. The X11-skel package is for x86_64 which should be for i486 architecture. Let's see if Pat got my mail and re-upload the correct one.

Other than those mentioned above, there's nothing so interesting on this update actually.

Update (10:58 PM): Pat has updated the x11-skel package with the correct architecture. Please re-sync your mirror Banana Gym

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