Google Earth 6.0.2 on Slackware

For those who loves to sightseeing using Google Earth, there is a good news for you. Google Earth 6.0.2 has been released by Google with this changes (Taken from their Release Notes)

Issues Fixed with Desktop Client:

  • Fixed a problem where we were over fetching certain kml layer data and running into issuing of using large amounts of memory and slowness during zooming in.
  • Fixed an issue of ruler tool disappearing. In 6.0 beta, when measuring using the path tool, if you break to add a place-mark then you go back to the path and click "save" the path and ruler tool disappears all together.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrectly measuring long distances. Improved navigation in Street View inside buildings.
  • Fixed a crash with elevation profile if there was empty gx:value node in KML.
  • Optimized amount of terrain and imagery data fetched while viewing photo overlays.
  • Fixed an occasional crash while viewing 3D buildings. Fixed broken fly-to links within local kml files.
  • Fixed an issue where new place-marks added were with absolute altitude instead of being clamped to ground.
  • Fixed an issue where the title for panoramio pictures no longer appeared when hovering over panoramio icons with your mouse if scale legend was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue when there was occasionally a missing wall in 3D buildings.
  • Optimized amount of data fetched in Street View.
  • Fixed an issue where tilt by holding “shift” and moving the scroll wheel only worked in one direction on Mac.

Issues Fixed in Earth Browser Plug-in:

  • Fixed a crash when getNormalStyleUrl was called on a StyleMap referencing a non-existent Style.
  • Fixed some issues in using plug-in on https sites.
  • Fixed functionality of disabling ground level navigation through API.
To install it on Slackware, please refer to my previous post :Installing Google Earth 6 on Slackware.

  • I tested this on 32-bit only, and it has been reported not working in 64-bit systems, either pure or multilib. Sorry folks.
  • You must also installed OpenGL drivers installed on your system (and Xorg configured to use them). Not doing so will cause X to crash.
  • Google Earth 6 is "LSB compliant" meaning it was built on a LSB system.
    Slackware however does not have that symlink which is part of the LSB 3.0 (and LSB 4.0 since this release) specification. You'll need to create the symlink manually after installing the package:
    ln -sf /lib/ /lib/
You can also choose to install it using SlackBuilds script maintained by Michiel van Wessem. Some notes are taken from Michiel's description in SlackBuilds website and also Eric's comment on my previous post.

Here's the Google Earth's screenshot in my desktop running Slackware-Current:

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