Good Bye t1lib

Pat has decided to remove t1lib package from Slackware 13.37, thus rebuilding all packages that linked to that package. The reason for removal is because it's no longer maintained and not many other applications that uses it.

The reported bug on ps comand is now fixed after applying a patch from Gentoo mailing list. mkinitrd is once again patched and rebuilt to fix another problem, this time in unify_libs() function.

xfce also gets rebuilt after Robby sent a patch to make Thunar doesn't consider files ending in ~ to be hidden. Again, there will be no XFCE 4.8 for 13.37. If you need it badly, go Robby's XFCE 4.8 repository.

OpenVPN is now rebuilt to add --enable-iproute2 parameter at configure time.

We still haven't seen Linux Kernel included in Slackware 13.37. I wonder if Pat is considering to use Linux Kernel 2.6.38.x instead? daydreaming

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