Out of Town

I will be leaving out of town for the next few days until next Friday. This means this blog (SlackBlogs) will be left outdated without any updates to Slackware-Current development progress and also any other interesting news about Slackware or my activities with Slackware. I will try to make any post whenever i can, but i can't guarantee that.

I think Pat is working hard to make this release as stable and secure as possible (as usual), but he still has some packages pending on his private repositories before he sends them to public. Let's just wait until the day arrived and he will give a surprise by announcing the first RC (Release Candidate) version of the next Slackware 13.2. I don't know when will that day come, but i'm pretty sure it will be soon enough thumbs up

I will try to keep my Twitter account updated whenever there's an update to Slackware-Current, so if you have Twitter account, please follow mine on willysr2804.

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