Many DE Rebuilt to Supports ConsoleKit

There are a lot of DE (Desktop Environments) that are available on Slackware-Current are being rebuilt to add ConsoleKit support. This is due to the work of Robby Workman. Even though it's popularity is less than KDE or XFCE, it doesn't mean that they are abandoned. They are still supported even until Slackware 13.2

The last KDE 3.x packages that were still preserved in the previous Slackware 13.1 are now being removed in the latest batch of updates since it doesn't needed again. All KDE packages are now working without the old KDE packages.

Several packages are being upgraded to the latest version, such as sane and xsane, pcmciautils, mkinitrd, and vsftpd.

Probably you wandered why this blog is still updated? Well, good news that i have Internet connection at my hotel, so i can still update my blog whenever i'm back from my training. That means every evening i can start updating my blog if there something interesting to be reported Yahoo

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