Longterm Kernel Upgraded and Security Fixes

Slackware-Current is now rolling again with new long term kernel which should have fixed some problems with Radeon GPUs and many more updated packages across all directories. The new longterm kernel has been recommended by many people as it contains so many fixes for Radeon GPUs and now it has been included. I think it's a good choice and Slackware 13.2 will be using it since i doubt there will be another long term kernel release in short time.

Another good news is that Mesa 7.9 is back on main package replacing the 7.10 which now reside on /testing and 7.8.2 on /pasture just for those who need a more stable package for Mesa. As for me, i don't have any problem with Mesa 7.10, so i will certainly upgrade to the latest stable. XOrg-server packages are now upgraded to 1.9.4, the latest stable release. I never thought it would get included but it is. Hopefully this should be a good solid candidate for the next Slackware release.

Other packages are being rebuilt, upgraded, and added in this batch of update. Please see the Changelog for some warnings/notes about it. Some of the highlights are glibc, alsa-*, MySQL, lvm2, and several libraries in l/ directory.

There are also some security updates with this update related to sudo, apr-util, expat, and openssl.

Firefox 4.0 Beta 11 is also included in /testing so for those who wanted to try this new Beta release, you can try it. The final release of Firefox 4.0 will be by the end of this month, so it might be included in next Slackware as well if the timeframe is met.

I also wanted to thank Patrick Volkerding for his special surprise for me this morning. Really appreciate it Worship

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