New Console Audio Player

There is a new console audio player in -Current called moc. This package gets added in the latest -Current updates along with other packages. Nothing interesting, except that audacious is getting an upgrade.

Here are the list of packages gets added, rebuilt, and upgraded :
a/sysvinit-scripts-1.2-noarch-36.txz: Rebuilt.
ap/moc-2.5.0_alpha4-i486-1.txz: Added.
l/aalib-1.4rc5-i486-3.txz: Rebuilt.
l/libsndfile-1.0.23-i486-1.txz: Added.
n/pssh-2.2-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
xap/audacious-2.4.3-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.
xap/audacious-plugins-2.4.3-i486-1.txz: Upgraded.

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