KDE 4.6.0 for Slackware-Current

KDE 4.6 has been officially released and with no delays, Eric has stepped up again to give Slackware-Current users a chance to witness the new shinny release of KDE 4.6 by building KDE 4.6 packages for Slackware-Current users in his KTown repository.

I'm in a process of mirroring and it would take some time before the rsync process is complete, but by tomorrow morning (Indonesian time), i believe it will be ready to serve you Yahoo

Thank you Eric and happy hacking with KDE 4.6 Russian Emot

Update (27 January 6:36 AM): I woke up this morning and yes, it's already finished. I have upgraded my workstation to KDE 4.6 and today, i will test it on my laptop before i go with my desktop at home which is my primary machine.

Go grab them now:

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