KDE 4.5.5 Arrives in -Current

This morning, we had a lot of exciting changes in -Current. KDE 4.5.5 which has just been released is now being included in -Current and it will likely the version being used in the next Slackware release (13.2).

Along with this update, the basic toolchain, including kernels, glibc and gcc are being upgraded as well. It now uses as the kernel, 2.12.2 as glibc, and 4.5.2 as the gcc compiler. Well, basically i need to recompile my kernel as there are gcc and glibc updates. Since NVidia hasn't release any update to their NVidia driver which work on 2.6.37, i think i will upgrade to for now. It should work nicely with VMWare also, so i don't have to find patches for it.

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