K3B Works Without HAL Completely

Eric has updated kdebindings on his KTown repository as of yesterday (i missed this update honestly) since new PERL package has arrived in -Current so it needs to be rebuilt in order to work with newer PERL version.

Today, Eric updated his k3b package to have the latest GIT version which should fix the divide by zero error thus preventing a successfull burning process and stucked at 100% as reported in LQ. This version also includes a patch which should make k3b works without HAL completely. This is the last KDE package that needs to be patched in order to work without HAL. Rock

These two packages are now ready to be tested in UKDW's Repository as well


Update (5 January 2011): It seems k3b is still not able to free from HAL. We will see if the next KDE 4.6 RC 2 fixed this problem or not. It should be out tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

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