First Packages in 2011

First packages coming in 2011 is several upgrade in basic applications such as coreutils, e2fsprogs, gphoto, lsscsi, mpg123, dhcpcd, system-config-printer, and the most interesting part IMHO, KOffice 2.3.0.

Why would i say interesting? Since KOffice has just been released yesterday and it's the first official release of KOffice since the split announcement of KOffice and Calligra Suite. It seems that Pat still support the KOffice and not turning to Calligra for now.

Enjoy the development of Slackware-Current in this new year Yahoo

Update (1 January 2011): This KOffice release is already made by the Calligra team, but it will remain being KOffice until 2.3. Further release (starting 2.4) will start using the new name: Calligra Suite. Please read KDE announcement for more detail. Thanks to Eric Hameleers for the corrections.

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