Amarok 2.4 Slipstream Released

Amarok team has just released their newest version of Amarok 2.4 "Slipstream". This version should sync with KDE 4.5.5 which has been released by KDE team last week. This is a major version, so expect new features and also a lot of bug fixes in this release. Major highlight of this version includes:
  • The ability to use iPod Touch 3G and possibly newer devices.
  • Transcoding: Now Amarok allows you to convert tracks from one file format to another when copying from the file browser to the local collection. We will expand this to media devices in future releases.
  • A new applet that fetches guitar and bass tab information for all your string instrument needs.
  • OPML export for Podcast subscriptions.
  • A map and calendar view for the upcoming events applet
  • Support for UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) collections, you can now listen to music from UPnP servers on the local network.
I have compiled this version on my desktop which is running -Current with KDE 4.5.5 installed and my first impression is that it loads very fast compared to 2.3.2. Also, reading my playlist which is stored in Amarok database is blazingly quick. It would take me 10-20 seconds before the playlist appeared, but now it only took less than 1s. That's so much difference Yahoo

Also, the new splash screen is amazing. I think it has the same theme as the one used in KDE 4.6. Unfortunately it vanished too fast, so i can't take a screenshot of it.

In general, it's very worthed release to be compiled ahead of Slackware's default package.

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