Amarok 2.4 Released on -Current

I just compiled Amarok 2.4.0 this morning and in the next few hours, it has appeared on -Current. What a surprise Yahoo

There are some interesting news also for IPod users, since Slackware now has include the latest libgpod 0.8.0 which can be used to compile the newest gtkpod, an application to connect Apple's product into Linux-based machine. Liblastfm is now upgraded as well, but it was taken from repository instead of a source release. Probably due to some problem which hasn't been solved or in pending for future release.

There is one new package on this update, which is libplist. According to information in github, it's a library to handle Apple Property List format whereas it's binary or XM. I hope it can work better with gtkpod Russian Emot

Thank you Pat and Slackware team Worship

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