Security Update: PHP and ProFTPD

At last, Pat decided to upgrade PHP version in -Current to the latest version, PHP 5.3.x series. I was unsure about this at the time i started my voting on PHP series, but eventually, Pat *probably* see the results of the voting and decided to pick PHP 5.3.x to be included in Slackware-Current. It is introduced as a security fix as it contains several bug fixes related to security.

Another package which is vulnerable is ProFTPD. There's a poll running on this blog about the future of ProFTPD in Slackware. Since it's still being maintained in Slackware, Pat has upgraded it to the latest stable version which should fix the security vulnerabilities.

Several other packages are being upgraded as well, such as acpid, dbus, lvm, mkinitrd, freetype, and bluez.

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