Poll Results

I'm taking uncommon decision today by stopping the poll two weeks earlier that it was supposed to end since nobody is giving votes anymore (looking at the number of voters) and it seems that there's a request by Patrick to ran a poll on removing ProFTPD from Slackware, so i think it's best to do that for now.

So, here's the results of two months poll about which PHP version should be used in next Slackware:
PHP 5.3.x series 29 (80%)
PHP 5.2.x series 5 (13%)
I compile my own PHP from source 2 (5%)

The majority of the voters pick PHP 5.3.x series which is now the latest stable release to be included. The only problems with PHP 5.3.x is that it has some incompatible changes with previous 5.2.x which causes some script might be broken when running under 5.3.x. That's why some hosting sites still prefer to use the 5.2.x series.

What's more important with 5.2.x is that PHP Team has decided to stop supporting PHP 5.2.x after they released PHP 5.2.16. All users are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.3.x series. I think this is the best reason to migrate to PHP 5.3.x.

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