KDE Updates

Bunch of KDE packages are now being upgraded/rebuilt on today's update (it's 4 AM in the morning in US). Kdepim is now being upgraded to 4.4.9, while skanlite is now upgraded as well to 0.7. Kdebindings is rebuilt to fix pykdeuic4 compiler to work with PyQt 4.8.x.

I think KDE 4.5.x is now stabilizing and ready for prime time, even though we already have KDE 4.6 RC 1 ready on Eric's KTown Repository. Don't be surprised that KDE 4.6 WILL NOT be available on next Slackware 13.2 as it will require a lot of testing and some changes in Slackware's current packages. It will be included (hopefully) on the next next Slackware release (probably 14.0).

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