KDE 4.6 Beta 2 for Slackware-Current

rabbEric has released set of KDE 4.6 Beta 2 packages (aka 4.5.85) in his KTown repository, mirrored in in his mirror server and in UKDW Repo. This is his attempt to bring KDE 4.6 for Slackware-Current users, even though it might not be included in Slackware 13.2 (i think the timeframe is not enough for thorough testing, but it depends on when will Slackware 13.2 gets released by Pat).

As usual, Eric also mentioned some of his findings using these Beta and he added some README on how to install/upgrade and some notes about this version. This is HAL-free release of KDE, the same goes with XOrg which has done it before (and gets included on Slackware-Current as of now). As a result, KDE now talks directly to uPower and uDisks and that makes it new dependencies for KDE 4.6.

Please be aware that you will definitely need Slackware-Current packages instead of 13.1 since -Current has changed so much compared to 13. The basic toolchain and libraries has been upgraded, so it's too risky for 13.1 users to try out this packages, but as always, the decision is yours to make.

If you have any spare machine, you can help by start grabbing the packages, install it and test it.

Note: Eric has also added kwebkitpart, so you can use WebKit instead of KHTML in Konqueror. I think many people have been waiting for this.

The packages can be grabbed from :

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