Installing Google Earth 6 on Slackware

Google Earth 6 has been unveiled by Google and it contains a lot of interesting new features that i would like to try, for example better Street View, 3D Trees, and Historical Imaginary. I rushed to download the package and i trid to install it using root account, but it failed because there was an error on the script.

So i searched the Internet to find the solution and most of the solution is to install lsb-core, which is for Ubuntu distribution. So, i tried to find another solution and i got one (from Ubuntu Guide) which i tried and it failed using root account, but it worked using non-root account. So here's the solution that i got:

./GoogleEarthLinux.bin --target /tmp/ge
cd /tmp/ge/
cd /tmp/ge/ (64-bit)
mv setup.gtk setup.gtk2
cd /tmp/ge

Note: I tested this on 32-bit only, and it has been reported not working in 64-bit systems, either pure or multilib. Sorry folks.

Here's the screenshot in my desktop running Slackware-Current:

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