Security Update: CUPS

CUPS has been upgraded to 1.4.5 to fix security vulnerabilities found in earlier version and other packages were upgraded in the latest -Current batch of updates today.

Based on the Changelog, it looks like that next Slackware release will still be using Python 2.6.x and not switching to 2.7.x or even 3.x series. Perhaps it will be on the next major release (14).

One thing that quite interesting is the inclusion of SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta release. Usually Slackware never use Beta release unless it has an important reason and it seems it does now. The current 2.0.x series is broken when it's being used with other GTK/Cairo-dependent applications. I believe when 13.2 is released, it should be on a final version, or even close to final version, so it will be quite stable (even though Pat said it's quite stable on his machine).

Oh well, time to start rsync client again Yahoo

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