Poll Results

I totally forgot that the poll has reached it's end of time, so i'm here to announce the result. My questions was about the kernel that you used and here are the results:

Default stock provided by Slackware 49 (46%)
Development series (RC) 7 (6%)
Custom 2.6.35.x series 31 (29%)
Custom 2.6.34.x series 2 (1%)
Custom 2.6.33.x series 8 (7%)
Custom 2.6.32.x series 3 (2%)
Custom 2.6.31.x series 2 (1%)
Older than 2.6.31.x series 3 (2%)

From the results above, we can see that most people stayed using the default Kernel stock provided by Slackware and they think it's the best option. The rest is scattered, but most of the people are still using 2.6.35.x series which was the latest version as the time this poll created. Right now, the latest one is 2.6.36 released by Linus last week.

I'm sorry for not calculating the 2.6.36 schedule. I should have mentioned it on my blog poll, so people can vote for it, since i'm also using 2.6.36 myself.

This also marks my 900th post on SlackBlogs. Looking for 1000th post Gym

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