Better Font

I have just finished upgrading my two workstations (one at home and the other is my working computer at my campus) and also my laptop to the latest -Current updates which was so huge. Everything works as i hoped and no major problem with the new XOrg. I used NVidia proprietary driver for my desktop at home and it works just fine, without no crash just like what's written on the Changelog. As my other workstation is still running on old Intel VGA and i didn't think that would create so many problems. I haven't tried to hack my laptop to enable the NVIdia again, but i guess i would have to wait for Dave Airlie's work on Intel/NVidia patch on the next Linux Kernel before i tried to hack it again.

I really love this batch of updates, since it's so smooth, just like my previous upgrade when Slackware 13.1 was still being developed. It went just fine without any major problem. There was a posting in LQ which stated that they had some problems, but i did encounter the second problem related with gdk-pixbuf package. I think the fix will come out soon enough.

One last thing that amazes me is that the font is getting sharper, which feels great for me. IMHO, i like the new sharper font in Slackware-Current Yahoo

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