Poll Results

This month, i will not be late again for announcing the poll results. Yes, it's over by now and we have a surprising results. We only have 38 votes this time and the result are:
Yes, absolutely 12 (31%)
Yes, partially 12 (31%)
No, but i still use it 0 (0%)
No, i'd rather use others 14 (36%)

People still sees KDE 4.4.x has performance problems and they rather used other desktop manager such as GNOME or probably XFCE which is supported in Slackware. I hope with the release of KDE 4.5.x series, all of those doubts will be gone and they will be pleased with KDE 4.5.x series performance.

So far, i have been using KDE 4.5.0 from Eric Hameleers and it found it great. It's working without any problems on my desktop and also on my laptop (i do have some glitches on my laptop, but that probably related to the hybrid GPUs and i still can't activate my NVidia card, so that it still uses Intel GMA). Other than that, i'm satisfied with KDE 4.5.x

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