Choqok 1.0b3 Released

Choqok 1.0 beta 3 has been released by the developer. There has been numerous bug fixes and also improvements on this beta releases such as:
  • Better nick name detection.
  • Better URL detection.
  • Fetching Friends List problems fixed.
  • UnTiny plugin can use service instead of its generic way (Configurable)
  • Using the Choqok way to show repeated dents/tweets made optional (Default is Twitter way)
  • Confirm dialog for Re tweet
  • When KWallet isn’t available, Choqok will store secrets in text files (Not plain text, Base64)
  • Choqok 1.0Beta2 was needs kdelibs 4.5 , We changed this to work with 4.4 too.
I have build this package using SlackBuild script and it's working fine on my desktop. I will install this application on my laptop and workstation tomorrow.

FYI, it would be great if you integrate Choqok to KWallet or you will have to re-authenticate to Twitter / Identi.Ca everytime you restart your application. In the past, i was wondering why do my credentials seems to be lost. I remembered that i skipped the KWallet integration in the past Rolling

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