Video/Voice Chat Works in Slackware

Finally, after conducting several experiments with Google Talk Plugins, finally i'm able to have a Video/Voice Chat in Linux. Here's how to do it:
  1. Download the SlackBuild script from RapidShare (not yet submitted to SlackBuilds)
  2. Extract them
  3. Download the Plugin for x86 or x86_64 and put them into the google-talkplugin directory
  4. Modify the SlackBuild to match the architecture and execute it using root account
  5. Install the package which should be in /tmp/ using installpkg
  6. Plug your webcam or make sure your internal webcam has been detected
  7. Restart your browser
  8. Login to GMail
  9. Turn on the Chat feature
  10. Call your friends who have enabled the Voice/Video Chat features and you're done
If you visit the Google Voice and Chat, they will keep asking you to install the plugin. Don't worry about that. I tested using Ubuntu and they still do the same thing, which means that they don't have any online detection for browsers who have installed the plugins.

Here are some screenshot of my previous testing session where i used Ubuntu (webcam attached in this machine) and Slackware (no webcam, so using my default picture profile), so basically i'm calling myself lmao I have tested using Firefox and Google Chrome and they both work normally.

Enjoy the voice and chat feature in Slackware Yahoo

PS: I tested using external webcam. Some people reported that they couldn't have this feature using an internal webcam. I'm not so sure about this, but Google Support also recommends some external webcams.

Updates (23 August 2010): It works on 32bit systems and 64bit systems with multilib, but it will NOT work in pure 64bit systems, as the 64bit package shipped with 32bit binaries, which makes it broken on pure 64bit systems. For now, wait for upstream fixes or use multilib.

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