Upgraded to 2.6.35

Today, i wanted to test the latest Linux Kernel, 2.6.35 on my desktop. I compiled it this evening and it only took me about an hour to finish the compilation. In overall, i didn't see many changes in the latest kernel, probably due to Linus policy which is getting stricter about the time schedule on the merge window and his one week RC policy. IMHO, it's a good policy as things getting more predicted and less regression to fix during stabilization period (usually starting at RC2 onwards).

Since i still have some pending download, i couldn't test the new Kernel until now. I have just rebooted, re-install NVIdia driver (i used the latest 256.44, upgraded from 256.35), and voila... everything worked just perfect. I have to recompile some modules for my VMWare, but it's still compatible with Linux Kernel 2.6.35, so no major problems.

Tonight, i also solved my problem with Skype. In the past, i'm able to do a voice call using Skype, but lately, i'm not able to do so again. I suspected that it has to do with PulseAudio as i searched Google and found some forum discussing about this problem (mostly in Ubuntu forums). Since PulseAudio is no longer maintained in 13.1 on SlackBuilds, i decided to remove it and restart my Skype and voila... i can have voice call again Yahoo

One other things that i solved tonight is the write performance on my portable hard disk. When i'm using the previous kernel (, i had some problems with writing performance on portable hard disk. Usually, i got around 60 MB/s for transfer rate, but after i upgraded to 2.6.34 series, it dropped to 1 MB/s. I don't know why, but after i upgraded to 2.6.35, it went back to normal again.
Turns out that upgrading to this version is a lucky charm to me Dance Vuvuzela

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