Temporary KDE SC 4.5.0 Repository

Since Eric will be out of Internet connection, he couldn't move his KDE packages into his KTown repository, which means users will have to download them manually from his kdesc directory which doesn't have any rsync service yet.

Since i have downloaded all of the packages on my Repo Server, i'm willing to provide you with the temporary KDE SC 4.5.0 Repository until Eric moved to his KTown repository. For those who wanted to download it, please visit my repository:

http://repo.ukdw.ac.id/kdesc/ (HTTP)
rsync://repo.ukdw.ac.id/kdesc (RSYNC)

NOTES: This repository will be deleted after KTown has been updated with the 4.5.0 packages.

Updates (22 August 2010): Eric has moved the packages in his original KTown repository, so this repository has been deleted and users are suggested to move back to KTown repository as usual.

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