Small Updates on FileZilla

FileZilla has been released. It fixed a small problems with previous version. My updated SlackBuild script is ready to be released by the admins of SlackBuilds project (probably in one or two days), so please be patient with it.

Also, for now, you are encouraged to use the builtin tinyxml package since tinyxml provided in SlackBuild has a bug which has a patch already (by FileZilla maintainer), but still not patched yet. You have two options:
- Use builtin tinyxml package which has been patched in FileZilla
- Use patched version of tinyxml (this requires you to edit the SlackBuild script yourself and recompile the tinyxml package building)

Update (19 August 2010): Robby has released this update in SlackBuilds and also updated the README file which is easier to understand. Thanks for that Worship

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