Poll Results

My apologies as i forgot to announce the poll results. It turned out that i have missed almost a week. Sorry for that. Anyways, here are the results:

Yes, i did a clean install 82 (46%)
Yes, i did a full upgrade from previous version 18 (10%)
Yes, i have been following -Current 42 (23%)
No, i haven't, but i'm considering to try 13.1 16 (9%)
No, i'm not planning to use 13.1 3 (1%)
No, i'm sticking with the version i have 15 (8%)

definitely, we have winner here with almost half of the voters (176 voters in total) pick the first option to do clean installation when Slackware 13.1 gets released. The second option is by following -Current (which i did too). People who picked this option usually have a motivation to help the development of Slackware by helping the latest development tree on Slackware. The rest are almost equally, except that only 1% who decided not to use 13.1 yet (probably because of the big changes in KDE).

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