Need Testing for Google Talk Plugins

Google has released Google Talk Plugin that enables Linux users to have Voice and Video chat in GMail. This is big steps for Google and also for Linux users. Unfortunately, the plugin is only for Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for now (.deb file) and RPM format will follow soon, but no source is provided yet.

So, i took my spare time last night to try to make a SlackBuild script using Eric Hanson's SlackBuild script on Google Chrome which has the same format for Google-Talkplugins. It's not yet submitted to SlackBuilds project as i need more testing and make sure it works before i submit it to SlackBuilds.

If you want to help testing it, please visit my thread on LQ Forum. I have tested the plugin only in 32 bit systems since i don't have 64 bit systems, so i will need your help for this (in multilib or pure 64 systems).

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