GIMP Animation Plugin

Today, my GIMP-GAP (Gimp Animation Plugin) package submission is finally approved since i submitted it last week. It took longer than i expected, but finally the admin approved it. It's good to have it approved. Here's a description about it:
GIMP-GAP, the GIMP Animation Package, is a collection of plug-ins to extend GIMP 2.6 and above with capabilities to edit and create animations as sequences of single frames.
By default, this package will be installed as a plugin and if you have installed it, you will find a new menu on your GIMP application, called Video, which can be used to edit and create animations with GIMP. In order to get full feature of this application, you must have several other packages (which are already available on SlackBuilds).

Please have a visit to the GIMP-GAP package at SlackBuilds.

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