SlackBasics in French

This is a little bit an outdated news since it's last week, but i will still help to distribute it since i'm part of the project now. The SlackBasics (Slackware Basics) project has been translated into French and it has been completed. For those who lives in France and wanted to learn about Slackware, it will be a valuable resources for them.

Thanks to Thierry and his team who managed to finish the translations. To get the PDF file for this, please click here or if you want full list of the translations, please visit the download page.

Even though SlackBasics is based on Slackware 12.0, most of it's content are still applicable to Slackware 13.1. One content that might have been changed is Apache (12.2 still uses Apache 1.x).

There are still two more languages which are still in progress Gym

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