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I'm now running my desktop on top of Linux Kernel I have just completed an upgrade from 2.6.31 (yeah, i know, it's an outdated kernel and Slackware 13.1 has already included There's a reason for that. I'm using NVidia chipset on my VGA card, so before i upgrade my kernel, i have to make sure the NVidia driver supports the kernel i am about to install. If not, i would end up using the open source nv driver or worse, vesa which disables the KWin effects. Actually i don't really care about the desktop effects, but when i'm watching HD videos, having 3D accelerated features will give some improvements on the performance.

Another reason is VMWare. I'm using VMWare to do some of my job and VMWare is closely related to the kernel itself, so again, i have to make sure the VMWare can be compiled with the kernel i'm using. Since i have upgraded to the latest VMWare version available, i'm quite sure that this version will be working with and my prediction is correct.

Before i jumped to, i tried and it worked. I had to upgrade NVidia driver to 195.36.31 in order to compile (previously, i used 185.xx.yy series, which is now considered obsolete). For, i tried 195.36.31, and then, i also tried the latest version of NVidia driver, 256.35 and surprisingly, it worked. I thought the current driver only supports latest GPUs, but in fact, it also supports old GPUs too (well, don't hope too much if your GPU is very old).

Anyways, it's now working nicely on my desktop. I don't have any problems running so far and i hope it will stays that way Goodluck

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