KDE SC 4.4.5 on -Current

KDE SC 4.4.5 has been packaged by Eric last week and today, an official packages has been arriving on -Current branch with more complete packages. Some packages (mostly libraries) are being pulled from the latest SCM tools.

We also have a new KTorrent packages. This is something which Eric didn't have on his repository back then. He only compiled the main KDE packages, but not the extragears. K3B has been upgraded to the official 2.0 release and Amarok has been upgraded to 2.3.1, the latest one (which i compiled myself back then when -Current hasn't started yet). It's now official on the Slackware tree, so i won't need to compile again next time Yahoo

I'm not sure what will happen with Eric's repository. I think he will simply delete the packages, since it's now arriving on -Current as well. He will just continue to follow the 4.5 release from now on.

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