FileZilla on SlackBuilds

Yesterday, the previous maintainer of FileZilla on SlackBuilds has sent an email to slackbuilds-user mailing list that he wanted to gave away his maintainer position to anyone who is willing to maintain his packages since he no longer willing to maintain the packages. One of his package is FileZilla, which i also used as FTP client. I am also responsible for Indonesian translations for this application, so why not maintaining too on SlackBuilds?

So i took the maintainership from him and i have submitted the newest version of SlackBuilds to SlackBuilds project and it has been accepted (please click here if you want to download the SlackBuild script). I updated the SlackBuild script and added one missing document and added several new configure parameters to disable the auto update and also manual update and also to build the local languages besides English. The rest is the same with the previous SlackBuild script.

Please leave your comments if you have any suggestions or complaints about the FileZilla SlackBuild to me

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