wxCAM Works Again

After upgrading to libjpeg v8 in -Current (now has become 13.1), my wxCam suddenly malfunction. I have tried to recompile every dependencies related to wxCam, but still it failed until i got a reply from the developer (in Italian, so i had to use Google Translate to translate it for me Rolling) stating that it doesn't relate directly to libjpeg (which i assumed to be root problem), but it connects to wxImage (which in turns relates to libjpeg).

Here's the error messages i got when running wxCam using the old wxGTK:

Determining video4linux API version...
Using video4linux 2 API
V4L2_CID_SATURATION is not supported
Determining pixel format...
pixel format: JPEG
Found V4L2_PIX_FMT_JPEG pixel format
Wrong JPEG library version: library is 80, caller expects 62
Segmentation fault
As you can see, wxGTK expects to see the old version of libjpeg (62) and the current version is 80. So the solution is to recompile wxGTK (don't forget to apply the patch from SlackBuilds in order for wxGTK to be buildable) and finally it worked again. I never thought about it and so what i did since few weeks ago was recompiling CImg, mjpegtools, and xvidcore, which are the dependencies required by wxCam Doh

Anyway, my camera is now back in action Yahoo

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