Local KDE SC 4.4.4 Repository

Even though Eric's repository is quite fast (i rsynced his server and got a full speed using my Internet connection at home), for some people, it's still quite slow as it's located outside Indonesia.

Therefore, i am providing a local KDE repositories synced with Eric's repository in UKDW Repository server (connected to Indonesian IIX networks). It will contain Eric's KDE repository starting from 4.4.4 onward. I hope it can help people having problem to download KDE SC and try it on their computers.

You can also use rsync to get the repository using this command:
rsync -vaz --delete rsync://repo.ukdw.ac.id/alien-kde

Remember, you will need Slackware 13.1 and newer to use KDE SC 4.4.4 and future release.

Enjoy KDE 4.4.4 Cheers

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