KDE 4.5 Beta 2 by Eric

Since Eric has posted his work related to KDE 4.5 Beta 2 on his blog, i took a chance to pull his work into our local repo server using rsync to his alien-kde repositories and soon, it will be accessible by going through: http://repo.ukdw.ac.id/alien-kde/4.4.85.

There will be new dependencies as well, so make sure you have installed all the dependencies before upgrading and testing KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2 on your system.

WARNING: KDE SC 4.5 is still in Beta and NOT RECOMMENDED for daily usage system, unless you are a tester or developer who need to try latest KDE version or you are willing to take the risk of having an unstable desktop.

Update (12:36 PM): The repository has been fully synced with Eric's KDE repository now. Everything is mirrored on the repo and it has all the READMEs included in each directory. Enjoy the repositroy Yahoo

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