First SBo Submission

Finally, my first submission to SBo (SlackBuild Project) is accepted and approved by Erik Hanson. I had to re-submit since the package has been accepted once in 13.0 repository, so i had to asked for approval from the previous maintainer before i can become a maintainer for the package.

I mailed the previous maintainer and he agreed to give the maintainer position to me and once i got the approval, i re-submit the package to the SBo and adapted the new SBo template. Today, the package is approved and it has been displayed in the SBo page. The package i submitted was guvcview.

I used this package during my testing with wxCam. The latest version still not working on my laptop and the developer suggested me to test using guvcview and it worked. That's how i get close to guvcview.

Anyway, i have submitted another update to the package since it has released 1.4.0 version (the original submission was 1.3.1). Wait for the next update and it should be there Yahoo

Just a small tips before you submit :
  • Read the guidelines
  • Check for pending queues
  • Use the latest Template
  • Ask for approval of the previous maintainer (if exists)
  • Test and re-test before submit your scripts

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